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“Husky” – Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, circa 2003

Designed and Built by Chargerpony

Current owner Museum of Sex in NYC


Husky first appeared at BDSM community parties in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area during the winter of 2003/2004 and rapidly gained a following.  One day, three community members were discussing the ‘edginess’ of riding Husky at a public community function.  It was decided that anyone who was brave enough to do so should receive special recognition for their performance.  They purchased a supply of pins in the shape of a howling husky and presented them to Chargerpony.   Immediately thereafter, he began to publicly ‘pin’ anyone who had ridden Husky and made a spectacle of themselves in front of two or more people.  These individuals, quickly dubbed “Husketeers,” soon chose Husketeer names, such as Screamer, Speedy and Shy, in an obvious parody of an early television series.  Now numbering well over 50 named members including women, men, transsexuals and a short list of certified operators, the evolving culture of the Royal Order of Husketeers celebrates new public riders each month at a local BDSM munch where the initiation begins with a public ‘pinning.’  Completing the ceremony   Members  sing the refrain at public BDSM gatherings – often in 4-part harmony – with the full song saved for special occasions.


Constructed from a Kitchen Aid mixer, Husky is one of four machines built by Chargerpony.  The other three creations include Huskette, which is owned by Mistress Amanda Wildfyre and can be seen in Gwen Media DVD releases in which she stars,   Husky II, which was built for a private individual and Junior.


Husky has been seen in action annually in early June at the Minnesota Knights of Leather Tournament, and at numerous BDSM parties in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  While most Husketeers are from Minnesota, a few reside in Wisconsin and Illinois.  Like the corporation that begat the television series, the “Royal Order of Husketeers” plans to become a worldwide phenomenon. 


Husky is the only machine that we know that is a member of a leather back patch club he is proudly to wear his colors

After a 7 hour marathon in the fall of ‘05 with around 20 riders, Husky was carted up and sent to NYC Museum of Sex to be part of exhibit on sex machines. This coincided with the book release of Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews by Timothy Archibald. After 3 months Husky was set to come back home but the museum asked if they could keep him for part of their permanent collection. So with a huge void to fill, Junior was born. He is more powerful, faster and can accommodate two at a time. Charger is talking about making modifications so depth can be changed on the fly also making it so there can be four riding Junior at the same time


Long live the Royal Order of Husketeers



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