How Charger Started

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How Charger  got started

 I came a crossed a short video on the internet of  Lady Cheyenne riding a pony, I knew then that I had to be I pony. Growing up on a ranch in Montana I was around horses. There are times I still miss that. Part of the intrigue is the how a powerful  horse is but is controlled by the Rider.  The horse Submits to the rider or handler. After being put in to my gear (about 60lbs)  I am unable to get out myself, and I too submit to the handler.  I currently submit to a Mistress that enjoys having a her pony. She has been a huge part in helping me be a better pony but I still have a long way to go. When She takes me out in pubic  heads are turning, She can do it all by her self but I think I add a little something .

Click on link to see the video


Some day soon I hope to be able to have Lady Cheyenne as a rider.

Thank you  Lady Cheyenne


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