Ponies in the Park

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Ponies in the Park -- Amanda Wildefyre

What could be more elegant than an early-morning turn about the park in a slave-drawn ponycart? Recently, my friend Mistress Jean and I met at the very crack of dawn to don our matching latex corsets and thigh-high latex boots, and rig our latex ponies. Each pony was bound in an inflatable latex catsuit, leather pony boots and pony head-harness, and most importantly, remote genital shocking devices to keep the beasts under control.

Fine weather and a relatively empty park greeted us at 5am that morning. Passersby seemed more curious than alarmed at our latex pony procession; one older gentleman, claming to be a male model, even asked to join us!

Our ponies were frisky and eager to show off their skills. Sure-footed in their high-laced pony boots, they guided the cart through the trees and over a lovely bridge, giving Mistress Jean and I an excellent view of the pond and flower garden. Chargerpony was quite adept at the high-stepping circus pony prance that I prefer, having trained with me some months prior to our outing. Rubber slave had only just begun his pony training in earnest, and so was compelled to draw the cart's weight as a Clydesdale might draw a beer wagon. Both ponies were mindful of the cock-shockers they were wearing (and the controls we Mistresses held as we rode!), and so Mistress Jean and I had little trouble keeping them to their gait. Not only was our ride a thrill for us, but it may have been something of a  public service, as well. The bums that sleep in the park were perhaps the most startled by our rubber promenade, some wiping their sleepy eyes repeatedly at the sight of us, muttering vows to get themselves into treatment right away!






You can view ponys in the park as part of a new upcoming Video from Gwen Meida






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