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October 2002. One of the local BDSM groups planned a barn party for mid-October that unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the unavailability of the barn. Instead, a warehouse was rented and the ‘Barn Buster’ party was born. Charger and Mistress Amanda Wildefyre had been discussing the creation of a human fiberglass hobbyhorse for about two years. This would prove the perfect opportunity to showcase her skills with a very willing pony. Work began about a month before the party. Fiberglass was ordered, a suspension frame was modified, and assistance was procured. Everything was planned out, including how to make the fiberglass cast re-usable.

A week before the event, Charger was delivered to Castle Diabolica (the dungeon of Mistress Amanda Wildefyre) for an evening he will never quite forget. We began around 4 p.m. by covering his body with a medical body stocking then wrapping him with rolled cotton padding. Next, his torso was wrapped with medical fiberglass and allowed to set. Within the hour, his legs were wrapped with fiberglass. After another hour his arms were encased. We left his head exposed so we could hear him ‘whinny’, and made sure to leave an opening for easy access to his ass and genitalia, so we could apply electricity for ‘corrective purposes’ if we deemed it necessary. But, the night was still young, and two Mistresses were just beginning to have their fun with him. Charger was lifted up and suspended with chains and large springs. Pony boots and headgear was added, as well as an electrified butt-plug. The final touch was an English saddle mounted to his back. We rode him long and hard for hours. As we took turns, we began to discuss what kinds of things we planned for him. Every woman, we felt, should be able to ride him whenever she liked. Fillies should be able to have sex with the pony (after all, his pony-dick was designed especially for the pleasure of women, not Charger) as well. He would be able to listen to their moans of pleasure and feel the motion of them rubbing and pushing on his pony-cock. But alas, his pleasure would only be ‘virtual’, and restrained as he was, he would be in no position to refuse. Sometime around 2 a.m. the decision was made to let him out for the night. When he was finally released, he was weak in the knees and unable to utter a coherent sentence. All he could do was smile.

Over the course of the week, the fiberglass cast was reinforced with additional layers of fiberglass, rubber coated, and finished with a layer of resin to make it shine. Hardware was added to lock the pieces together, enabling us to lock him up whenever we like in the future.

The night of the party finally arrived. Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and I dressed all in latex, including latex corsets. We were quite the sight, by far the best dressed at the party. After some initial wrangling with the hardware (leave it to a pony to put something together so only HE can figure it out!) we had him  encased, electrified, and suspended, ready for the pleasure of the women at the party. A modified saddle was employed this evening. A small hole had been bored through the saddle so a vibrator could be added, just in the right place. Once again, Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and I took turns riding the pony hard. Once we had our fill, we announced ‘Free Pony Rides’, and women began to line up so they could all have their way with him. At one point, we noticed a shy filly looking longingly at Charger. Her handler approached us and asked if she could introduce the two. Charger was very happy to meet Trixypony. Before he knew it, her handler led her underneath him, and she was sucking on his pony-dick. This filly needed no encouragement, after all, once a woman knows what she wants, she goes out
and gets it; ponies are no exception. Trixypony then got on all fours under Charger and began to give HIM the ride of his life as the crowd watched in awe. Never had they seen anything quite like this! We tried to keep count of how many riders Charger had that night, and how many came to climax on the special saddle. Our best estimate for the evening was a total of about 50 very happy riders. Surely, Charger, the hobbyhorse, would have to come out to play again in the near future.       




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